Who We Are

Landscape Solutions is a Nashville design build firm created when passions for organic gardening, sustainability and landscape design were fused. We are designers and contractors who engage with our clients and commit to exceeding their expectations. We are conscious of how our process, from design to maintenance, affects the environment, and we strive to reduce our impact. We love to educate our clients about the little things we can do to help them lead a more sustainable lifestyle. Our landscapes are responsive to the environment, re-generative, and contribute to the development of a healthier community. Landscape Solutions can help minimize your carbon footprint by installing a landscape that reduces carbon, cleans the air and water, increases the energy efficiency of your home and restores wildlife habitat


Jeffrey Orkin

Jeffrey's first exposure to the industry began with his first company 'Orkin Yard Service' in his hometown of Jackson, MS. He graduated from Mississippi State University with degrees in both Landscape Architecture and Landscape Contracting and Management and has an MBA with a concentration in sustainability from Lipscomb University . After years of experience in Atlanta, Dallas, Baltimore and Nashville, he planted the seed for what has evolved into the Landscape Solutions vision for helping you live a more sustainable lifestyle. He is a LEED Accredited Professional and always tries to weave aspects of sustainability into his daily life. For the past year and a half he has been working on a hydroponic vegetable growing operation in downtown Nashville called the Urban Hydro Project, which recently expanded to a 6,000 sf warehouse and will now be known as Greener Roots Farm. On the weekends he enjoys brewing beer, cycling, ridding motorcycles, throwing the frisbee with Gunner, hanging out with Bosco or exploring the outdoors with his girlfriend Julia.


Cliff Jones

Cliff began his landscape career at the age of 15; he worked alongside his brother Gage, providing landscape maintenance to large scale commercial properties. He attended Mississippi State University and obtained dual degrees in Landscape Architecture and Landscape Contracting and Management. While attending MSU, Cliff interned in Chicago and Atlanta where he gained hands on experience in all facets of the green industry - from overseeing the install of annual flowers in Chicago’s city parks to installing landscapes for residents in the city of Atlanta. Upon graduation, Cliff moved to Music City and worked alongside seasoned area Landscape Architects before starting Landscape Solutions. Cliff is married to his wife, best friend and soul-mate, Casey. Cliff and Casey attend Brentwood Baptist, where he is a deacon. They live in Nolensville with their yellow lab, Laken and their beautiful daughter, Vivi Grace.


Austin Littrell

Austin moved to Nashville from Minneapolis, MN in 2003 to attend Belmont University (Music Business). After graduation, his love for the city compelled him to stay. Austin has 5+ years of experience in landscape installation. When not digging holes for Landscape Solutions, he spends time on the road as Tour Manager for Nashville artist rayLand baxter. He is also an urban agriculture enthusiast and has spent the past 3 years trying to grow as much food as possible in his downtown Nashville backyard. Austin shares Landscape Solution's passion for sustainability, and strives daily to live a greener life.



Gunner is a seven year old first generation labradoodle. Jeffrey thought he had found the perfect dog until he later discovered first generation doodles still shed, a lot! Gunner enjoys coming to visit his dad on site to make sure all of the plants are installed properly.





Bosco, the company mascot, is a nine year old seal point Himalayan. He was also adopted by Jeffrey from a family who was displaced by Katrina. He handles all of the administrative aspects of Landscape Solutions. However he's a little slow because he does not have an opposable thumb.



Laken, an English bred, yellow lab, spends her time lounging on the couch all day.  She gave up working for Landscape Solutions when she realized she couldn’t sleep 8 hours on the job site, so she resorted back to her comfy-cozy spot on the couch.  She enjoys walks, sleeping and eating.